Children are particularly at risk due to their small body and because their immune system is not fully developed. Turn off wireless routers, cordless phones, cell phones at night.
Best of all, replace by wired routers and phones. Keep a good distance from children when using cell phones. Get a survey of all sources of radiation in your home and learn how to protect your children. Read:  Center for Safer Wireless

Adults: Even if you feel perfectly ok now, electromagnetic fields create stress. It is a scientifically proven fact. It compromises your immune system! It reduces your level of melatonin, important not only for good sleep, but also as a powerful antioxidant.

Children: All Children are at risk. Please see our Protect Your Children page for the information you need to be informed and proactive about your child’s environment and the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

If you already have health concerns, a change in your nutrition habits may not be enough. Electromagnetic radiation and indoor air quality must also be addressed.

Your bedroom is the most important Living Space to assess first, because it is where you rest, and recuperate, all of you! Make it a Healthy Living Space Now!!!

Prevention is much better than a cure, and costs far less!

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