Electro Smog

Electro Smog

Radiation emitted by cell phones, cordless phones, wireless routers… does not disappear.

It goes right through you.

It affects you, it affects the quality of your life!


Over the years, symptoms related to Electromagnetic Radiation Poisoning have been reported by people around the world.

Many countries have regulated with far more scrict protection measures than those in the US.  Or have strongly recommended prudent avoidance.

Our children in particular are most at risk, as are some adults who are hypersensitive adults to EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

Recommended solutionsinclude simple and inexpensive ways of protecting yourself and your family, as well as some highly engineered products designed to protect your body when you can’t control your environment.


~The good news~

It took only 2-3 years for a California grass root movement to force a huge corporation to admit that there are health problems created by the new Smart Meters.
It took 12-15 years before the tobacco industry admitted something they knew about all those years and kept lying about, tobacco causing cancer. The wireless industry cannot go on hiding the health effects of wireless technology anymore.

Reducing your exposure to Electro Magnetic fields may not only help you prevent, reduce or eliminate those health effects, but can also benefit you!

Prevention is much better than a cure, and costs far less!



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