Why do you need to be concerned about Electromagnetic Radiation?

Why do you need to be concerned about Electromagnetic Radiation?

Why do you need to be concerned about Electromagnetic Radiation?

Understanding how electromagnetic radiation can affect your health

Everyone is exposed.  You do not feel or see the radiation.  Which poses the question, “Why could there be a problem if everyone around you is using all kinds of wireless equipment, and each house is loaded with electric wires and appliances?”

In reality, since 1987 in English speaking countries and in Germany before that, the Building Biology Practitioners and Consultants have accumulated years of testimonials from people who suddenly saw their symptoms disappear after reducing their exposure. They, as well as those without any apparent symptoms experienced better sleep and better health.

Not waiting for the science to show direct cause and effect, the Institute of Building Biology and many local governments and authorities around the world have come up with protection standards that are way below the official government exposure standards. There is more and more evidence of serious health effects created by Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) being reported, and reports will only continue to increase.

I would be pleased to help you know for yourself if some exposure remediation can help you feel better.  Or, even for the merely curious, to give you an idea of how much radiation you are exposed to in your house, bedroom, and other spaces where you spend the most time.  From that point, I will provide you with some amazingly simple and often no cost remediation measures that could improve the quality of your life for years to come!


Please navigate the site and find out about the possible health effects of electromagnetic radiation, how you can determine your exposure through a survey, and how to protect yourself.

If you find it easier talking to a real person, or need clarification, please contact us.

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