Electro-Magnetic Fields Remediation

Electro-Magnetic Fields Remediation

The easiest way to reduce your exposure is turning off smart phones, WiFi, cordless phones and all wireless devices, using hard wired connections whenever possible, turning off breakers of the bedroom circuits at night, or moving away beds and furniture from high EMF fields.
Electro Hyper Sensitive people (EHS) have no choice but to replace all wireless devices by wired ones in order to rebuilt their immune system from radiation (and chemical) overload.
That may seem extreme to you at first, but it is the best way to prevent heath problems later in life. Read: Electro Hyper Sensitivity (link).
Shielding is the next step. Cell phone tower signals, your neighbors routers, your smart meters all send radiation through walls,roof, windows, door and yourself.
Based on my EMF survey, I can recommend different shielding options, sometimes done by steps, followed by measuring the fields again and moving on to the next step. RF microwave signals bounce on different surfaces. For example, after shielding the wall your neighbor’s WiFi comes through, other RF sources may come from other directions. Re testing the fields shows if more needs to be done or not.
Shielding options:
-Black paint or graphite paint is the most cost effective in many situations. It will block more than 99% of the signal with one coat. You then cover it with the color of your choice.
-Aluminum window screens (they block the Radio Frequency fields because the mesh holes are smaller than the signal width.
-Kitchen aluminum foil also works, but there is stronger foil on the market that will do a better job.
-Special films for windows
-Bed Canopies made of cotton or polyester with copper/silver treads inside.
-Same material by the yard, to use as curtains or on walls and doors, or to sow protective clothes.

-Electric fields are easily shielded with grounded mesh, foil, graphite paint, shielded power cords…
-Magnetic fields are many times caused by faulty wiring which I can also diagnose and recommend remediation for. When caused by appliances or other sources, shielding is then the only resort, but very expensive.
-Dirty electricity is addressed with special filters.

I am available to do some of the shielding work, or work with you, at an hourly or flat rate.

To know more about some of those shielding options,
go to:http://slt.co/

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