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The lack of information about great development in Medicine, Nutrition and many other fields is twofold:
The first one is the language barrier. In the case of her Nutrition/CryoTherapy program, the author, France Guillain, has nothing available in English, although her books have been translated in more than seven languages already. But even when some great foreign research is available in English, the health practitioners are so busy with their patients, that they have no time to study and upgrade their knowledge. I went to France three times to study the France Guillain Program she calls “La Methode”.
If you are looking for better health, this program could be just for you too.

Introducing this program bit by bit in my life improved my health in a very significant way as confirmed by blood tests and other medical tests, and how I feel now compared to a few years ago.
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Nutrition/Cryotherapy Health Bebefits-A Personel Account.
CryoTherapy: one extra aspect of this program includes a simple method to lower the core body temperature. In recent years, worldwide scientific research is confirming the health benefits of lowering the core body temperature, but involves very expensive approaches. The French method has already proven amazing benefits in lowering the core body temperature with a simple inexpensive practice.
I offer to share this program with anyone looking for better health.
Please contact me though this site or call directly (503-477-9891) for more information or consultation sessions.


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