Humans have been resonating/vibrating in harmony with the Earth Frequencies for millions of years!

Humans have been resonating/vibrating in harmony with the Earth Frequencies for millions of years!

Humans have been resonating/vibrating in harmony with the Earth Frequencies for millions of years!

It has only been just over 100 years since humans began electrifying their homes and lives. And mobile phone wireless signals just happened in the last 20 years. Naturally, humans resonate/vibrate in harmony with the earth at around 10 Hz while the electrical wave/frequencies vibrate at anywhere from 60 Hz for electrical, and up to 300 GHz for RF frequencies.

It’s very possible that all those higher frequencies than the earth natural ones have shattered our harmonious resonance with the earth, causing many health issues otherwise not attributable to any other source. Our harmony might simply be… broken.

Following the electrical grid development, humans are adding wireless technology to our cities, workplaces, and homes at a faster and faster rate and without due notification and concern about it’s potentially harmful effects.There are more and more  independent studies showing the possible health impact of Electro-Smog, but most of the studies showing health impacts are quickly refuted by paid industry researchers, intentionally creating confusion for all.

The following is the scientific jargon explaining why and how. For the essential message or recommendation, just go straight to the last paragraph.

Why and How Electro Smog can create health problems?

All life forms are based on electromagnetic energy. The atoms and molecules they are made of feature a myriad of electromagnetic characteristics.  Each and every cell, for example, is electrically charged in a polarized fashion so that nutrients can be delivered across ion channels.  Numerous sensors are integrated into each organism to monitor incoming electromagnetic radiation.

It is quite stunning to realize that there is an all-pervading, fundamental frequency at approximately 10 Hz which can be found in humans as well as in the ultra low vibrations of the earth. This frequency is also referred to as the Schumann Resonance.  
Thus, our inner body systems are inseparably interlocked with electromagnetic conditions of the outer environment.  In other words, humans are interlocked with the natural earth environment as well as the new man made environment.

Tuning Fork

Your Body is like a tuning fork, vibrating and resonating with the earth

An external alternating electric field exerts forces on the charges within the human body, resulting in reversal (depolarization) and induction of body currents.  In the presence of external alternating fields, body currents follow the alternating rhythm whose intensity depends on the frequency (resonance effect).  When a body is exposed to abnormal frequencies from energy stressors (Electro Smog), the body will attempt to become in tune reaching coherence or resonant frequency(tuning fork effect), which disrupts the body’s communication and cell division.

Some scientists suspect that at the root of many modern diseases, whose causes have defied explanation so far, lies the impact of electromagnetic energy.  Evidence points to potentially broad health impacts and in particular, immune system impact.

Each person’s level of sensitivity is very much an individualized reaction based on personal history and health.  Given the worldwide decline in overall health of western populations, electro magnetic fields may be having a much greater effect than admitted. Interestingly enough, according to Dr. Detrich Klinghardt from The Klinghardt Academy,

Those effects also often act in synergy with mold, lyme desease, and other pathogens, multiplying their potency level. It often leads to low level grade infections very hard to diagnose.

Reducing or eliminating your exposure to electro Smog is understanding that being in tune with the natural earth vibration is not only a wise precautionary measure, but most probably an important path to better health. Remember… man made Electro Smog is so new that we hardly know anything about it.  In terms of its long term, and even short term health effects, compared to the millions of years humans have been resonating with the natural frequencies of the earth we have very little data or experience.  It is our content then, that nature should be our ultimate guide. 

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