Essential Questions

Essential Questions

1. What is a Healthy Space?

  • A Healthy Space is any place providing good air, water and energy that serves to promote health. Your home, school, and even office should be healthy spaces. The modern home, however, is built with synthetic materials that let out all kinds of toxic chemicals. It does not allow air and moisture exchange like natural dwellings used to do. Any occupants of the house add to the load of chemicals by the use of synthetic cleaners and beauty products. It is no surprise that many homes are more polluted on the inside than on the outside – and there is a new kind of pollution being added to this already dangerous mix. It’s something you cannot smell, see, touch, but that some of you may feel: the Electromagnetic Field pollution.

1A. What is EMF Pollution?: EMF Basics

  • From the beginning of time, life on Earth has adapted to survive in an environment of weak, natural Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). During the 20th century, man-made EMR was introduced to our environment as an unexpected by-product of modern electricity. This type of unnatural EMR is different than what we have been exposed to in the past.


EMR travels at the speed of light and is invisible to humans. It is generally organized by frequency and wavelength. The frequency of EMR refers to the number of times it repeats itself, or cycles per second, as Hertz (Hz). The wavelength refers to the physical size of the wave, and wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency. Extremely Low Frequencies, or ELF, have the longest wavelength. Higher Frequencies such as Radio Frequencies (RF) or Microwaves have a shorter wavelength. All of these types of EMR are referred to as non-ionizing radiation. In contrast, the very highest frequencies (e.g. X-Rays) have very short waves and are classified as ionizing radiation. This can be seen in the Electromagnetic Spectrum.


Electromagnetic Radiation includes AC Fields, DC Fields, Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, RF Waves / Microwaves, Ionizing and non Ionizing Radiation. AC refers to alternating current, which continually changes polarity from positive to negative, creating a push-pull force effect. DC refers to direct current which is a constant continual field or a constant force. RF and Microwaves have alternating field properties but at a much higher frequency. Ionizing radiation is composed of particles that individually have sufficient energy (or can liberate sufficient energy) to remove an electron from an atom or molecule.

2. Do I care?

  • If you care for yourself, then you will also care for your children or grandchildren.

    If you do not care for yourself, it’s your privilege and right as an adult to make this choice – as long as you are not harming others around you. But, like secondhand cigarette smoke, your cell phone, Wi-Fi, cordless phone (DECT) and any other of your wireless gadgets are affecting the people around you – and particularly your children.

    It is immoral, if not criminal, to expose your children to the same Electro Magnetic Radiation that has never been pre-market tested. Not only has it not been proven safe, but as far back as 1932, our own military researchers discovered the following negative health effects from EMR exposure: fatigue, headaches, nausea, chest pain, and vision problems.

    Forty years after those first effects of microwave radiation were discovered and documented, the US Naval Medical Research Institute (NMRI) documented 2300 research articles that reported over 120 illnesses originated from radio frequency and non-ionizing microwave radiation (i.e. from  Wi-Fi and all the wireless gadgets since then). There are no safe levels of exposure to that kind of radiation.

    We and our kids are guinea pigs for an unprecedented and untested form of pollution, imposed on all of us by the corporate agenda and the silent and/or corrupted government approval and support of such tactics.

3. How does it affect me?

  • Similar symptoms of ill health are reported worldwide by people of all ages who are exposed to wireless technologies.  These include cell phones and cell towers, wireless internet (Wi-Fi), portable home telephones, Wi-Max, utility “Smart” meters, microwave ovens, lighting fixtures, CFL light bulbs, and other home and business devices or appliances.

    Chronic (long-term) exposure to radiofrequency/microwave radiation from wireless technologies causes physical damage. (link here) Genetic damage, cognitive damage, cancer and decreased fertility are just some of the effects of chronic exposure. There is now substantial evidence of a link between mobile phone use and brain cancer. This was recognized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and their 30-strong panel of scientists, which in 2011 classed radiofrequency radiation as “possibly carcinogenic.”

    Now, doctors all over the world are encountering a significant and growing number of people who display a range of acute (short-term) symptoms from wireless radiation, including headaches, heart palpitations, rashes, fatigue, sleep disturbance, allergies, and memory and concentration problems.

4. What can I do about it?

    A 24/7 exposure to low level radiation is more damaging than a short exposure at a high level.
    Your bedroom is most important place where, ideally, you can reduce your exposure to zero. Go to Creating a Sleeping Sanctuary for more information.

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