My Advanced Training – Electromagnetic Exposure and Remediation

My Advanced Training – Electromagnetic Exposure and Remediation

My Advanced Training – Electromagnetic Exposure and Remediation

In  December 2011, I began the  Advanced Electro-Magnetic Exposure and Remediation Seminar. During the course,  I met many professionals, engineers, architects, builders, practitioners, and people from various backgrounds. Many of them are chemically and electrically hypersensitive people. They came to the seminar to learn how to create healthy spaces for themseves and their families. They are totally dedicated to helping others also create healthy spaces in their homes, schools, and offices!

I have reduced my EMF exposure to the minimum in my house, because I  have learned in my trainings how hard it is to reverse EHS once the immune system has reached an overload (read my page on EHS). But I know all children are hyper sensitive to EMF radiation, and I feel compelled to help them grow in a safe environment, educating parents and school officials on how best to reduce electromagnetic pollution at home or school.

I have made a substantial investment in getting the right credentials, and acquiring high quality equipment to be able to provide professional electromagnetic field Surveys and Remediation.

My training is with The International Institute for Building Biologie.

I see myself of service, dedicated to share anything that I can to help improve your health and well being. In most cases, your exposure level can be drastically reduced or even eliminated with comparatively little effort and without sacrificing the luxury and convenience of electricity.

Do not let the cost of my services make you hesitate to contact me. We can work out a trade, or sliding scale.

Rodrigue Deschenes,

Building Biologist/ EMF Radiation Specialist


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