Significant French Nutrition/Cryotherapy Health Benefits – A Personal Account

Significant French Nutrition/Cryotherapy Health Benefits – A Personal Account

Significant French Nutrition/Cryotherapy Health Benefits – A Personal Account

My health improvements following a French Nutrition/Cryotherapy program

 May 2010

I started a journal from the start of my practice with “La Methode”, taking notes of all my body and mood changes. Otherwise, I knew I would end up forgetting subtle or even more noticeable changes when everything goes well again!

I did the derivative bath (DB or D-CooliNway) for about one year. The DB is a form of cryotherapy. In October 2009, I went to France to study  with France Guillain. Since then,little by little, I have added to my practice the other parts of the program. I did not have any illusion at the beginning. I know how hard it is to change habits!!! But to my surprise, the first effect of doing the DB was that it soon started to happen on its own, no need to force myself. That can be explained partly by the fact that we can feel changes in the body much faster with the DB than changes with new food habits. I guess the reverse can happen for others, depending on how intensely each element of the method is practiced.

So far, here is what I have noted:

  • Better circulation in extremities, hence hands and feets are warmer
  • Spring allergies almost gone completely
  • Deeper sleep
  • No need anymore to get up 2 or 3 times a night to go to the bathroom
  • Arthritis in my fingers almost completely gone.
  • Far away vision improved (as of my 6/14/10 last eye exam, my distance vision correction went from 1.75/2.00 to .025 for both eyes).
  • Weight loss
  • Cholesterol rate gone down without any medication from 241 (12/10/08 test results), to 183 (5/10/10 test results).
  • Colds, throat and sinuses aches happen rarely & if they do, they go away faster
  • Energy: this is more difficult to document, because even when in great shape, I have highs and lows, but I definitely feel more vitality and more alertness.
  • Improved mood (noted by close ones)

  Those are the things which were affecting me the most, but here are a few more welcomed changes:

  • Better elimination
  • Face skin softer and more elastic, it can be appreciated, even by a man!
  • Harder nails 
  • Greater resistance to hot and cold
  • Increased memory
  • Tinnitus (noises in my left internal ear) gone
  • Sugar craving almost gone, except for red wine (my favorite addiction) which has diminished just a bit.

 All those changes have happened in about 1 1/2 years, without changing my level of physical exercise. It may look like I have copied the benefits from my teacher’s book, but it is not written in her books, I am simply not making it, these are real changes.

I just came back from France on 12/10/10 where I took another seminar with France Guillain, gaining a deeper understanding of the whole program.

I am available to introduce anyone interested to the program.

Rodrigue Deschenes

Healthy Spaces Now                        

5/8/10, Rev10/28/10      

February 2012

Update since 10/28/10

All the benefits I reported since 10.28/10 are still holding, and my overall health got even better.

I am reporting today something that needs to be added because of its importance.

I had 2 heavy metal tests done 01/10/2012. My previous test 6 years before had come up with very high levels of lead and mercury. The 01/10/12 test showed that my lead and mercury levels were down to almost nothing. I attribute this to my practice of the Derivative Bath, a form of cryotherapy.

But to my surprise, the results of my last test also showed a very high level of Arsenic in my body.

Not only it was at such high level (269ug/l) that it could cause permanent damage to the kidneys, liver, lungs and brain, but I was having very scary symptoms.

Without loosing anytime, I increased my practice of the Derivative Bath from 1 hour a day to at least 4 hours a day. And I also started taking saunas everyday and increased my exercise level.

One month later, two more tests determined that my arsenic level was down to zero.

Although the body can expulse the organic form of arsenic in a few days, my symptoms lasted more than 2 weeks giving an indication that I was poisoned by the inorganic form.  

I greatly attribute the speed at which I expulsed the arsenic from my body to my practice of the Derivative Bath (DCoolinWay) and in part to the sauna baths and increased exercise, but overall, to my practice of all the elements of France Guillain “Methode”.

Feel free to contact me to learn more about the program.

Rodrigue Deschenes


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