Electro-Magnetic Fields Survey & Remediation Services

Healthy Spaces Now provides information, resources, and professional remediation services for of all EMF radiation sources that could be affecting your health.

Electro-Magnetic Fields Surveys

Measuring Electric fields, Magnetic fields, & Radio frequencies (RF) from cell phones, blue tooth, cellular phone towers, cordless phones, routers, smart meters, microwaves, radars, home appliances, computers and various types of radiation!

In your environment, home, office, school! The time required for a survey will depend on the size and electromagnetic complexity of the space. (Ask for a cost estimate). Based on tests results, we present you with an effective remediation strategy. Follow-up phone consultation to answer questions – included.

Electro-Magnetic Fields Remediation

Some remediation recommendations cost nothing or very little, like moving furniture away from EMR sources, or turning off bedroom related breakers or power strips at night. Others will be more expensive, like shielding the radiation entering your space from close by cell phone towers, or correcting wiring errors responsible for high magnetic fields.

Topics of Expertise

5G, Smart Meters, Dirty electricity, Solar Panels Inverters, NTP Study, Cancer, Electro- Sensitivity, Sleeping problems, ADHD, Autism, EMF/RF Assessments, Mitigation, Wiring protocols, EMF/RF Shielding

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